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In addition to our own BPI Training Center, we utilize the world-leading services of IICRC/The Clean Trust for advanced-level carpet care training and certification. We are also members of the Building Service Contractors Association International.

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Cleaning for Your Health in Lawrence, Kansas

Focus in business is important. Focus on the right things in business is essential.

For over a quarter century, BPI Janitorial has designed cleaning systems around a principle that now, large-scale institutional studies have proven. That principle? Cleaning for Your Health also provides superior overall cleaning results in your facility.

The attention to the smallest details in your business or home, even on an unseen level, is a focus that provides benefits well beyond cleaning. What does that mean to you?

An extensive study at the University of North Carolina conducted by Dr. Michael Berry came to a number of conclusions about cleaning. Among them: 

  • Cleaning with a focus on the unseen level of dust particles, germs, fungus and dust mites produces not only a much healthier "built environment," but a superior definition of clean.
  • Reducing airborne particles stops dust recirculation and at the same time improves allergy and asthma conditions for building occupants.
  • Procedures that reduce moisture content in carpet reduce not only drying time, but the potential for molds.

When cleaning for health practices are employed, building occupants have:

  • fewer sick days
  • lower health care costs
  • better productivity
  • greater satisfaction

If you would like to read Dr. Berry's book, it's called, Protecting the Built Environment; Cleaning for Health.