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In addition to our own BPI Training Center, we utilize the world-leading services of IICRC/The Clean Trust for advanced-level carpet care training and certification. We are also members of the Building Service Contractors Association International.

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Reason # 5: Local Businesses Provide Unique Character

The world we live in is becoming increasingly homogenized. Every place we visit we find the same stores, identical products, and similar styles. The lack of variety that is beginning to permeate our communities is largely due to an influx of big-box retailers. However, towns and cities that have a higher percentage of small businesses are able to maintain a certain charm and quaintness that communities ruled by chain companies cannot preserve. It is locally-owned businesses that make our communities unique. They provide a small-town feel to cities that are in every other way just that: a city. Small, independent companies play an important role in the image of their local environment. Support your town’s unique character by shopping at independent businesses.

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