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In addition to our own BPI Training Center, we utilize the world-leading services of IICRC/The Clean Trust for advanced-level carpet care training and certification. We are also members of the Building Service Contractors Association International.


Cleaning for Your Health

BPI has more to offer you than traditional business cleaning contractors, and has been a fixture on the Lawrence business cleaning landscape since 1984.

Here are some facts to support this claim:

  • We offer high-flow fluid extraction restroom cleaning. This process removes up to 60 times more odor- and disease-causing organisms from floors, walls and restroom fixtures than standard restroom cleaning and traditional wet or flat mopping.
  • Our chemistry systems are based on green principles. Utilizing Envirox and Arsenal proportioning systems, we work with some of the finest and most advanced sustainable systems available.
  • We Clean for Your Health. This company mindset focuses on the invisible world of microorganisms that exist on everything from desktops to door handles, and even that travel through the air.
  • High-efficiency HEPA and multi-stage vacuum filtering. Vacuuming with older equipment is only inefficient, it's simply a "redistribution" of dust and airborne contaminants. We utilize advanced Pro-Team backpack and supportive vacuum systems with HEPA and multi-stage filters. By keeping the air clear as we remove soils, we can reduce asthma, allergies and illness in your business. And, unlike companies using older equipment, the dust doesn't return after a few hours to be "removed" again.
  • Cleaning for Your Health provides other benefits:
    • Fewer sick days
    • Lower experience-based health-insurance premiums
    • Higher morale and productivity
  • Stopping dirt in its tracks. We ruthlessly monitor and manage your building entryways and advise you on walk-off matting systems. If we can help you capture 85% of soils, dust, grease, residues and other grime at the door, we can reduce your cost of maintenance.
  • Emphasis on expanding the restoration cycle. By recommending and applying extended-life floor finishes, we can reduce the cost of restoration. This reduction also makes a smaller environmental footprint for your greener business, because less chemistry is involved. Longer restorative cycles reduce your real long-term cleaning cost - labor.

These are just some of the differences we would like to talk with you about. Click here if you would like to make a Request for Proposal. 

Our rigorous employee selection process protects your interests and your assets:

  • Complete employment application
  • Detailed interview process
  • Thorough employment verification and reference checks
  • Both Douglas County, Kansas and nationwide background checks
  • Homeland Security Approved, Right-to-Work, E-Verify System
  • Position-specific training
  • Uniformed, bonded and insured