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In addition to our own BPI Training Center, we utilize the world-leading services of IICRC/The Clean Trust for advanced-level carpet care training and certification. We are also members of the Building Service Contractors Association International.


Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning Means Business

Truck-mounted carpet cleaning refers to a process where power, speed and efficiency are paramount. The powerful cleaning unit and all its components, including cleaning solution and return waste water, are kept outside your home or building. Truck-mounted units clean at about 20 times the power of portable electric units brought indoors. They generally exceed the power of even large ride-on units.

Power and speed are two advantages of truck-mounted carpet cleaning.The cleaning process can be set up much more quickly. Traditional methods require many different items to be transported indoors before work can get started. So in addition to power, Lawrence homes and businesses can expect the efficiency of reduced labor costs when their carpets and upholstery are cleaned using this BPI method.

Here are other advantages of using truck-mounted carpet cleaning for your Lawrence home or business:

  • Higher-power extraction grabs more dirt.
  • Higher cleaning temperatures of 200 or more degrees help to kill germs, dust mites and other microorganisms.
  • Higher-power vacuuming (extraction) removes more moisture so carpets are ready to use faster.
  • Less retained moisture reduces the potential for mold or mildew.
  • Strong blowers also powered by the truck-mounted equipment help finish the job even more quickly.
  • Chemistry sources remain outside your office, facility, school, church or home.
  • Less chance for bumped trimwork in doorways and furniture than with ride-on or walk-behind scrubbers.